Western Daily Press Clipping, 8th May 1895 – ‘A Male Impersonator Sent to Prison’

Scanned copy of the original newspaper article - black and white slightly eroded serif-font typewriter style text, no pictures.

Transcript: “BRISTOL POLICE COURT — TUESDAY. — Before Sir GEORGE EDWARDS and Mr E.B.COLTHURST. A MALE IMPERSONATOR SENT TO PRISON – Julia Enwright, a young woman, was charged with being drunk and disorderly in the Horsefair on Monday evening. Evidence was given by P.C. 73 A as to finding the accused in a drunken condition in the Horsefair on the previous evening, wearing man’s apparel and surrounded by a crowd of people. The woman stated that she had got drunk, and some other folk had dressed her in man’s clothes. The bench having referred to previous offences against accused, sent her to 21 days imprisonment.”Reproduced with permission of Bristol Central Library

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