1936-06-04 Western Daily Press – Man-Woman Problem for Judge (Wells)

Newspaper cutting with title

Transcript: Title: Man-Woman Problem for Judge – Curious Case at Wells Assize Main text: A man who stated to have boasted of his love for men, and who was well known in the Bath theatrical world for his portrayal of feminine part was charged before Mr Justice Mackinnon at Wells Asize, yesterday, with a serious offence. It was stated that the doctors of a London hospital were very interested in the man, Norman Fisher, a ladies’ tailor of Bath, and were anxious to deal with his case. When asked to plead Fisher replied “Guilty” in a high pitched voice. Detective Inspector Coles said that Fisher had a great tendency towards femininity. IN his rooms were found dressed and undressed dolls, silk underwear and cosmetics. His condition was due to physical irregularity and he had been approached with a view to undergoing a operation, but had declined as the specialists consulted could not tell definitely whether it would result in his being male or female. Mr. F. A. Wiltshire, for Fisher, said that London Specialists had advised psychological treatment. The Judge: What does that mean? hypnotism? Mr. Wiltshire: Making suggestions to the patient that his course of conduct is wrong and by suggestion, correcting irregularities. The Judge said that he would like to study the medical reports and deferred judgement until to-day.