Jul 102012

Staging Bristol's first LGBT exhibition

OutStories Bristol are staging ‘Revealing Stories’ Bristol’s first ever exhibition of LGBT history at M Shed, Bristol’s newest museum, throughout February 2013 and coinciding with LGBT History Month.

Focusing on living memory (c. 1950s to the present) the exhibition will tell the story of how people in Bristol started to build LGBT communities and define our role in wider society. It will be followed by a traveling exhibition that will tour public libraries in Bath, Yate and Weston-super-Mare.

Recording people's memoriesThe exhibition is being funded by a £20,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Bristol Museum Service and Bristol Record Office are committed to the project with further support in-kind to the value of nearly £70,000.
Finding the objects that tell your story

We want your stories. Our team of oral history interviewers are gathering the recollections of people old and young for the exhibition. And we want your mementos: old photographs, newspaper cuttings, group newsletters, badges, posters, banners – anything that tells your story.

After the exhibition donated items will be deposited in public archives for permanent safe keeping. Papers will usually go to the Bristol Record Office and objects and artefacts to M Shed. You will be making a permanent contribution to Bristol’s history!

If you cannot bear to part with that precious photograph, poster or ring given by a lover, we would love to borrow it for the exhibition and return it after.

Creating the exhibition

Get involved? Whatever your interests and skills, contact us if you would like to help with:

  • Life story interviewing.
  • Indexing and transcribing audio recordings.
  • Browsing newspapers or the internet for relevant articles.
  • Researching in libraries and the city archives.
  • Designing the exhibition, photography, creating artwork.
  • Organising supporting events.
  • Planning and organising.

Getting behind the scenesPoster design: Marcus FitzGibbon
Photos: Brand Davidson

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