May 302013
Catherine Littlejohns of M-Shed receives the audio recordings

Catherine Littlejohns of M-Shed (left) receives the audio recordings

OutStories Bristol have handed over our first collection of oral history recordings to M Shed, Bristol’s museum of social history.

The recordings comprise 42 interviews with LGBT people associated with the city and were made during research for the Revealing Stories exhibition held at M Shed last February and March.

Funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund enabled a team of ten members of OutStories to be trained by a professional oral history trainer. Each then conducted interviews, typically lasting two hours, to gather the life stories of people of all ages and backgrounds.

The digital audio files were presented to Catherine Littlejohns, Senior Collections Officer at M Shed, on 7th May 2013 by members of OutStories’ oral history team. The recordings have been added to Bristol City Council’s archives and are now part of the permanent record of the city to be accessed and used by future generations.

Interviews continue. Would you like to tell your story? Whether you’re young or old, we’d be delighted to hear it! If you are concerned about privacy you can stipulate conditions about who has access and how the recordings are used. Alternatively you may wish to become an interviewer.

Read this leaflet about our activities and contact us for more information or to volunteer.

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