Jan 222015
Heliogabalus, High Priest of the Sun

Heliogabalus, High Priest of the Sun. Artist: Simeon Solomon

History Month Logo 2015 Because trans rights have only recently been talked about in public, many people assume that being trans is a modern invention, perhaps something invented by psychiatrists. However, gender-variant people have always been with us.

Cheryl Morgan takes us on a tour of some notable cases from history and makes the case for a rigid insistence on the binary nature of gender being a comparatively recent, Western, invention.

This talk is to the Bath University LGBT group, but it is open to the public. Free.


Thursday 26 February 2015, 7:15pm

Building/room 8W 2.27,  Bath University Campus, Claverton Down Road, Bath, BA2 7AY

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LGBT Bristol have produced a programme of all LGBT History Month events in Bristol and Bath. Click here for a full list.


Image: “Heliogabalus” (from the Greek Helios, the sun god) is a name variant of Roman Emperor Elagabalus, one of the most famous trans people from history. Artist: Simeon Solomon.

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