Jun 132015

Roz Kaveney image” […] I’ve had to survive a variety of things apart from sex work and transition — health issues and bad relationships, for instance, so I am temperamentally inclined to gallows humour and self-irony as general survival strategies. “

Roz Kaveney’s latest novel, Tiny Pieces of Skull, is based to a large extent on her own experiences as a young British trans woman living amongst trans sex workers in Chicago in the 1970s. As Heather Seggel’s Lambda Literary review explains, it is a highly entertaining and upbeat tale of what must, at times, have been an extremely scary and dangerous life.

Cheryl Morgan, who transitioned twenty years later but who knows Kaveney through the science fiction community, talked to Roz via email about her new book and how life for trans women has changed over the past four decades. Read the interview here.

Roz is giving a talk about her book at Hydra Books in Bristol.'Tiny Pieces Of Skull' front cover

Tuesday 7th July 2015.  6pm to 9pm

Hydra Books,  34 Old Market,  Bristol,  BS2 0EZ

No step into the shop but unfortunately no accessible toilet

Roz Kaveney ‘Tiny Pieces of Skull’
Published by Team Angelica

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