Dec 092015

StuartFeatherContinuing our series of posts introducing the many speakers who will be giving talks during the LGBT History Festival at M Shed next February.

Stuart Feather will be presenting Gay Liberation, Sexual Revolution & Radical Queens, as part of the National History Day on Saturday, February 20th.

Hegel is a Drag: Thesis: scores of Wests, Garlands and boas (and I don’t mean Franz). Antithesis: gay, feminist – leftist boos at anything that hobbles in heals. Synthesis? With a vengeance; in a viciously modern attack on sex roles, liberation prudery, and boredom in the orchestra. Consequence: giant cucumbers, fake nuns, dead light-bulbs; weapons of the first lesbian and gay sexual revolution whose demonstrations were colourful, Camp, bitingly sarcastic: wrong-footing authority at every turn. Maoists, Marxists, Radical Feminists and Radical Queens struggled to define the idea of gay liberation. Agitators with positive anarchy they transformed British society for homosexual and heterosexual alike. It’s proof that not only can rhinestones and politics live together, but they must.