Jan 042016

BisiCancelled – Sadly Bisi is no longer available as he has to travel to Africa.

Continuing our series of posts introducing the many speakers who will be giving talks during the LGBT History Festival at M Shed next February, we are delighted to announce one of the celebrities from this year’s Independent Pink List. Bisi Alimi will be presenting The impact of Religion on Sexuality and Gender in Black British Community as part of the National History Day on Saturday, February 20th.

Bisi Alimi is a CONTROVERSIAL, PASSIONATE, ENGAGING and POWERFUL internationally renowned researcher, public speaker, policy analyst, television pundit, campaigner and community builder with expertise in sexual health and human and LGBT rights.

Bisi’s expertise on Social Justice ranges from Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity to Race and Race Relations, Feminism, Education and Poverty Alleviation

He lectures at Humboldt University Berlin, on Pre and Post Colonial Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Africa

Alimi was the first Nigerian to openly declare his sexuality on national television in 2004 and this led to threats to his life and his resulting move to the United Kingdom where he was a refugee until December 2014 when he was granted British citizenship.