Jan 132016

Marshman-smallContinuing our series of posts introducing the many speakers who will be giving talks during the LGBT History Festival at M Shed next February. Tom Marshman will be presenting a theatre performance as part of the Local History Day on Sunday, February 21st.

‘The Devils in Human Shape’ is an immersive performance that brings to life eighteenth-century documents detailing sodomy cases in Bristol. Through playful and sinister modes of speech, three gossipers speak of the sins committed by the ‘devils in human shape’. This experimental encounter is a brilliantly inventive new way of bringing history to life. The piece is devised and performed by Tom Marshman, Danny Prosser and Rachael Clerke.

“An incredibly charming and compelling performer who gives very evocative glimpses into everyday things.” Tanuja Amarasuriya, Theatre Bristol.

The performance is based on research done by Professor Steve Poole of the University of the West of England. Professor Poole will be giving a talk to introduce the historical events prior to the performance. The project has been made possible by funding from the Arts Council of England, by some generous donations from private patrons and by much on the ground work from volunteers.

Tom Marshman has been making performance work inspired by LGBTQ history for over 10 years and will be performing ‘The Devils in Human Shape’ in at the London and Shrewsbury hubs as well as Bristol. He is also involved in a performance at the Red Lodge Museum the previous weekend. Hot Dates with the Past is a steamy night of truths and fictions about dating history with artists Tom Marshman, Timberlina and Catherine Hoffmann.