Feb 022016

Stuart Milk, photo by Brook PiferContinuing the posts about our headline speakers for the 2016 National Festival of LGBT History, we are delighted to have a guest all the way from the USA.

Stuart Milk is a global LGBT human rights activist and political speaker. He’s also the nephew of the late US civil rights campaigner Harvey Milk. Stuart’s Uncle Harvey was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California, and was responsible for passing a gay rights ruling for the city of San Francisco in 1978. In that same year, Harvey was assassinated by Dan White, who was also serving in public office.

Stuart, who says that his uncle’s assassination destroyed the ‘closet door’ and inspired him to come out, is the co-founder and president of the Harvey Milk Foundation. Travelling the world speaking on public policy and civil rights issues, he’s received numerous international awards for his work.

Stuart will be in Bristol for several days and has a packed schedule of meetings, public events and media appearances. In particular he will be doing the following:

Recently Stuart talked to Cheryl Morgan for Shoutout Radio. You can listen to the broadcast here.