Mar 202016

Harry Pick, a BBC documentaries producer, has approached OutStories Bristol seeking gay men who have memories of gay life before 1967.

I work for the BBC in-house, and I am working on a new BBC Two film marking 50 years since the passage of the 1967 Sexual Offences Act. I thought I’d reach out to you because I believe you might be able to help put me in touch with gay men who have memories of the period before private sexual acts between gay men were legalised.

The film we want to make will use a mixture of drama and personal testimonies about gay experience pre-1967 to create a sense of the experience of trying to live as gay men in the shadow of that law and the associated social attitudes. We are particularly interested in hearing about against the odds romantic relationships and experiences with the police, the courts and the psychiatric profession and the pressures this put on individuals and those in relationships. Ultimately we also want the programme to draw to the public’s attention what life was like for gay men in this time – a story too rarely told or reflected on.

At this moment in time I’d just be very keen to speak to anyone for research purposes who can reflect on gay life before 67′ to help inform the dramatisation of the period, so we are as accurate and true to the experience of the time as possible. It’d be fantastic if you could put the word out to any of those who you have interviewed in this age bracket and see if some are willing to have a chat on the phone with me initially. No filming required!

Happy to talk further with you or anyone keen to help out.

Thank you for any help and best wishes,

Harry Pick
* BBC Documentaries, 07C BBC New Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London, W1A 1AA.

If you are interested in helping, please send a message for the attention of Andy Foyle and we’ll pass it on to Harry.