Jan 292018

Rainbow-coloured band and two compass pointersThanks to the Wonder Woman movie, Amazons are all over popular culture right now. Even the British Museum is getting in on the act, with their Scythians exhibition.

The historical people on whom the Amazon myth is based were almost certainly Scythians or some related tribe of horse warriors. But were they lesbians, living in an all-female society? Was their home a Paradise Island somewhere in the Mediterranean? Were there trans women among the Amazons?

As always, the past is far more queer than most people think.

Middle-aged smiling woman with long flowing ginger hairCheryl Morgan is a science fiction critic and publisher. She is the owner of Wizard’s Tower Press and the Wizard’s Tower Books ebook store. Previously she edited the Hugo Award winning magazine, Emerald City (Best Fanzine, 2004). She also won a Hugo for Best Fan Writer in 2009.

She is a Co-Chair of OutStories Bristol and lectures regularly on both trans history and science fiction and fantasy literature.

Come and hear Cheryl speak at the LGBT History Day at Bristol’s M Shed Museum. Free entry.

2:00pm to 2:30pm, Saturday 10th February 2018

Studio Rooms, M Shed, Wapping Road, Bristol, BS1 4RN
Map               Getting to M Shed

The Studio Rooms are on the first floor, upstairs from the main entrance. M Shed has wheelchair accessible lifts and accessible toilets.

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