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Rainbow-coloured band and two compass pointersTom Marshman is launching his new audio tours of M Shed; they will be Mp3 players encased in vintage matchboxes he has collected. Tom has spent many years recording the stories of Bristol’s Older LGBT people, developing verbatim theatre, and wanted to do something more with them, finding a place where they can be permanently. They are tales of jeopardy, injustice and celebration and indulgence! The sound tours are a collaboration with sound artist Rowan Evans.

Six images of matchboxes held by a handThe idea to put the audio devices in a match box came from one of the stories about a man who met his life partner when he ran out of matches and asked a stranger for a light!

Tom says “It is really exciting for me to have a piece of work that will be a permanent part of the exhibition, so people can request the Mp3 players at the front desk whenever they like and hear the rich everyday stories of Older LGBTQ people living in Bristol.”

It will add a new queer reading on many of the objects that are part of the collection that visitors have become familiar with.

Audiences will be able to walk around the museum and hear the stories that relate to objects in the collection. For example you can listen to how one man fell in love with a bus driver as you sit on the double decker bus that is in M-shed.

Alongside that, Tom will be talking about his new show he is developing and that will premiere in September 2018 in Bristol and that is focused around life in Britain in the 1950’s before decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Come and hear Tom at the LGBT History Day at Bristol’s M Shed Museum. Free entry.

12:00pm to 12:30pm, Saturday 10th February 2018

Studio Rooms, M Shed, Wapping Road, Bristol, BS1 4RN
Map                   Getting to M Shed

The Studio Rooms are on the first floor, upstairs from the main entrance. M Shed has wheelchair accessible lifts and accessible toilets.

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