Oct 032021

Two black women cuddling, one with her head in the other's lap.Black History Month is an opportunity to highlight the work and contributions of Black LGBTQ+ people and acknowledge their achievements in both the political and cultural spheres.

We learn about the civil rights movements of women, the Black community and the LGBTQ+ community, however these social movements are not individual threads but intertwined.

Bustle magazine has compiled a list of 13 Black British LGBTQ+ heroes that deserve to be recognised. Stonewall too have published this list of heroes.

If you love books, PinkNews have compiled a list of 17 great books by Black LGBTQ+ authors.

Locally, Kiki Bristol is a space for QTIPOC (queer, transgender, intersex, people of colour) to meet, greet, eat, discuss and dance.

OutStories want to hear the stories of local Black LGBTQ+ people, a community that has been historically invisible. We want to hear about your lives, experiences, struggles and triumphs.  Get in touch and tell us about yourself.