M.P. Moves his Bill.

A newspaper extract about the Sexual Offences Bill

People who were irreconcilable in opposition to reform of the law on homosexual offences “should thank God that they do not belong to those five per cent who are exclusively attracted to their own sex” said Mr. Humphrey[…] in the Commons today. Mr. Berkeley was moving the second reading of the Sexual Offences Bill, a private measure, under which homosexual acts committed in private by consenting males, would no longer be offences. Mr. Ray Jenkins, Home Secretary, who stressed he was speaking personally, said he broadly believed the Bill was a reasonable and acceptable way of changing the law if it was thought desirable to change it. Sir Cyril Osborne (C. Louth) said: “We are taking away some of the disagreeableness and we shall tend to increase the number of homosexuals.” He added: “I don’t accept the argument that homosexuals cannot help themselves – that they are born that way, I just cannot accept that.”