Now Bristol has a ‘Gay Church’. Bristol Evening Post, October 18th 1975, p.1

A newspaper extract about the Bristol Metropolitan Community Church

Bristol has its first “Gay Church” organisation for homosexual men and women, it was disclosed this afternoon. A young woman lay minister, Miss Angela Needham, of Midsomer Norton, is worship co-ordinator in Bristol for the Metropolitan Community Church. This is a world-wide organisation aimed at bringing religion into the lives of homosexuals. Bristol is the latest city in Britain to have such a church – other centres operate in London and Birmingham. Founded in 1968, the Metropolitan Community Church have congregations throughout America, Canada, Australia, Nigeria and New Zealand. Pastor Thomas Bigelow, head of the UK church and organiser of the London centre, said today: [sub-title ‘Rejected’] “We hope to establish communities throughout the UK, primarily for homosexual men and women, although it is open to all. But it is basically for ‘gay’ people who feel rejected by their old churches and drift away from the Church, and also those who have never heard the Gospel.” The MCC usually use rented halls or people’s living rooms for their services, he explained. They have chosen Bristol for their third British city because Miss Needham had lived for some time in Bath. She had become a lay minister with them this summer and was already a member of the executive committee of the Campaign for Homosexual Equality. In a letter to the Evening Post, Miss Needham says they “try actively to take the Gospel to our gay sisters and brothers, welcoming them into faith and fellowship.”