‘Gross sin’. Letter to the Bristol Evening Post

A letter to the Bristol Evening Post regarding the Sexual Offences Bill

Homosexuality is a sin. God says so, but so is rape, so is theft, so is murder, each the result of a sick mind, but nevertheless, still a sin. As for the remark of Miss Christine Jones (Feb. 21) about lack of Christian feelings, can a Christian applaud that which God has already condemned? A Christian can have sympathy for a homosexual, as for anyone else who is mentally or physically ill, but not for the practice of homosexuality. As Mrs. Alder says, the medical and welfare people, and the homosexuals themselves cannot agree upon the nature of this condition. They don’t need to, God has already decided that it is a gross sin. Miss Jones says that thinking people can tolerate the Bill and find it acceptable. But this doesn’t alter the fact that God does not tolerate sin, and Christians must fall in line or else deny the lordship of the one they claim as Lord and Master. Mrs. Alder says she cannot accept that this is a downward step for the nation. Agreed, in itself, this one Bill does not drag the nation right down, but coupled with the increase of leniency towards immorality, filth and pornography, with increase in the breaking up of family life, increase in ill-trained children and ill-disciplined teenagers, the increase of evil and pagan practices and religions, we are going with America and the Western World the same way as Rome of old and the Biblical Cities of Babylon, Sodom and Gomorrah. What then is the answer? It is the same answer which the bible gives for any sin or sinner. The Bible shows that God hates sin but loves the poor sinner, and that He will freely forgive and help anyone who really repents. M. J. Withers. 39 Church Leaze, Shirehampton, Bristol.