Bishops sign petition

A newspaper extract about the Sexual Offences Bill of 1966.

Transcription: Bishop Signs Petition. The Bishops of Bristol and Gloucester have signed a petition calling on the Government to institute the Wolfenden Committee’s recommendations on homosexuality. The Rt. Rev. O. S. Tomkins and the Rt. Rev. B. T. Guy are among 500 people to sign the petition. Organised by the homosexual Law Reform Society, it was handed over to the Home Secretary, Mr. Roy Jenkins, at the Home Office this afternoon. Most of the people who signed the petition are members of British universities. They are Professors J. E. Harris (zoology), H. E. Hinton (entomology) and R. [Hilton] (education and social development), all of Bristol University. Two lecturers […] have also signed. They are Mr S. M. Anstis and Mr. J. Crook. Two other Bristol signatories are consultant psychiatrists Mr. A. Lewis and Mr. Lumsden Walker.