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Membership of OutStories Bristol is free and open to any individual (aged 16 years or over) or organisation. Membership is indefinite unless you tell us in writing that you are resigning. Your membership is not transferable to anyone else.

On becoming a member you have a right to vote at General Meetings. We will give you notice of General Meetings via the email address you provide. We will also send occasional emails about our activities.

Your contact details (email address, postal address, etc) will be confidential. They will not be divulged to other members or to any other organisation.

Refer to our Constitution for details of our objects and rules.

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    An organisation that is a member of OutStories Bristol may nominate one person to act as its representative at our meetings. To be eligible to vote the organisation must have given prior notice to OutStories Bristol of the name of its nominee. The nominee may continue to represent the organisation until written notice to the contrary is received.