‘Move Over Darling’

Tom Marshman:

In February 2010 I created a new theatre based piece called Move Over Darling premiered at Arnolfini. The piece was made through a process of engagement with participants from Bristol and the surrounding area. The performance had a direct relationship to participants’ personal accounts. The show was made with mentoring support from renowned thinker Peggy Shaw.

The project allows an under-represented community to tell their social history which is often ignored due to political or social constraints and legislation. This enables this community to tell their story that has been previously unavailable to them and explore the diversity of their community.

The project aims to locate this work within the Bristol area’s familiar and everyday locations helps to transform and create multi-layered signifiers [emotional and historic] of building and places to the participants. For example bars where liaisons took place. Courts cases for acts of ‘indecency’ and pilgrimages to Greenham Common.

Performance artist Tom Marshman

Click to see Tom in 'Move Over Darling'

Soundscape by Neil Rose.

Read here how Tom developed the show and why these stories are important to tell.