Broadsheet detailing an “Unnatural Crime” by pastor Rev. Henry Page M.A.

A broadsheet from Bristol, detailing an 'Unnatural Crime' by a Baptist minister

‘An account of the apprehension and taking of the Rev. Henry Page M.A. Pastor of a Baptist meeting at Worcester, and formerly Assistant Preacher at the Baptist Meeting in Broadmead, Bristol, For An Unnatural Crime, With a Brother Member of the former Meeting. With a further account of his absconding from his Bail, which he had entered into with the Magistrates. It is our painful duty to give publicity to the following particulars which we have just received from a Correspondent – the truth of which admits not even a shadow of a doubt. In fact, the intelligence of this disgraceful affair has been communicated to many of the memberships of the above persuasion in this city, for some days past, who have adopted every precaution to keep it a profound secret! We conceive, however, the crime deserving exposure, equally with the rich as the poor man. Without further comment, therefore, we shall give the account exactly as we have received it: Sodomy. “The Rev. Henry Page, M.A. Pastor of a Baptist Meeting at Worcester, formerly Assistant Preacher at the Baptist meeting, Broadmead, Bristol, was lately detected in the above crime with a Brother Member belonging to the aforementioned Meeting at Worcester, and was taken before a Magistrate, but was admitted to Bail in One Thousand Pounds. He, however, absconded the same evening, and has not been heard of since. He has left a Wife, a Lady of resepectability, and a large family. The Public may expect further particulars as soon as the can be obtained.”‘