Vicky Pollard (1993 – )

Vicky grew up on a south Bristol estate, her humdrum childhood only notable for her addiction to Strawberry Mivvi and drinking Snakebites round the back of Somerfield supermarket. Having borne two children by the age of 13, Vicky was on a shoplifting spree in Broadmead when she was interviewed by two amateur comics, David Walliams and Matt Lucas. The camera loved her charismatic TV personality and she was instantly catapulted to Fame; no mean feat given the height of the surrounding buildings.

The celebrity lifestyle soon took its toll and Vicky resorted to drink and casual violence. A charity event for a collective in Easton led Vicky into an unexpected lesbian relationship which was never revealed in her TV appearances. She was expelled from the collective after a film crew caught her apparently swapping one of her babies for a Westlife CD.

See also Matt Lucas

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