Our stories


Recording people's memoriesWe collect the stories of LGBTQ+ people associated with Bristol and surrounds. To date, over 50 audio recordings of interviews with current and former residents have been deposited with Bristol’s M Shed Museum.  See their catalogue of LGBTQ+ oral history interviews here.  Click on the link on the RH side to see a text summary or transcription and to listen to the interview (typically 30 minutes to 2 hours each).  Sorry – OutStories are unable to provide copies of these recordings.
Note: for technical reasons these audio files on M Shed’s website are currently not playing. Please contact M Shed if you seek a recording (July 2022).

And here is a comprehensive listing of all M Shed’s LGBTQ+ collection.

BRO publicity photo of search roomWe have also facilitated the donation of LGBTQ+ related documents to the Bristol Archives. Here is a catalogue of the Bristol Archives LGBTQ+ collection. Many documents are available for public viewing and copying. You will need to visit the Bristol Archives – click here to plan your visit.  The Bristol Archives are located at B Bond Warehouse, Smeaton Road, Bristol BS1 6XN. Map.

Bristol Archives have produced an excellent guide that lists their LGBTQ+ collections and gives general advice on researching our history: Sources for research: LGBTQ history.


Tell us your stories. How did you meet others? Did you belong to a group? Where were the pubs & clubs you visited? Reminisce about friends, parties, old flames … Please tell us.