Flamingo Joe’s / Club Leo

28 St Nicholas Street, BS1.  1993- c. 1998?

A big dance club situated in the gap between two former gay venues, the Radnor Hotel and the Elephant. It opened in September 1993 as Flamingo Joe’s but was renamed Club Leo by February 1995.

The closing date is unverified, possibly c. 1998. Please tell us if you know more.

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  1. This opened as Flamingo Jo’s I was one of the barstaff/door chargers. The landlord, Kevin (who had, had the Shilling) was one of the co landlords. We all had to wear bright Pink tops! The club was massive (for Bristol) with two different dance floors and stages and a separate Burger bar area. The club started off very popular but seems to have had a few problems as it shut suddenly owing money to the staff. It then re-opened as Club Leo and for a while was like the old Flamingo Jo’s. It then got a very bad rep for drugs and fights. Sad end for what was a good club.

    Highlights – included La Toya Jackson playing with all the media watching and various boy bands of the day doing a turn with their new tracks

    Lowlights – fighting leading to someone ripping the till of the counter and throwing it on the floor to try and force it open yikes!

  2. I remember Club Leos foundly, had a great time djing there in the 90s.
    Also was DJ for the Lochiel, Club Just, Queen Shilling and Bath Tap. Fun times.

  3. I used to work in Club Leo’s – had a great time while I was there. I remember boy George djing and a very young Marc vedo on the decks – Ian Stevens used to make him dj with his top off. He’s done really well for him self now! Wonder what happened to all the staff.

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