17 Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4PH. 1975 – c. late 1970s?

King’s opened in February 1975 in an old building on the east side of Prince Street, backing onto Queen Square. Many of the staff had worked at the Moulin Rouge. It had three floors: a ground floor pub-style bar, a dance floor with light show above, then a brighter lounge space on the top floor.

King’s was sold and reopened as Smith’s in about 1978. Smith’s was fairly short-lived. The building was demolished and replaced with offices in the 1980s.

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  1. King’s was run by Tony and Jo-Jo (who used to run the joke shop in Colston Street and later on Gloucester or Cheltenham Road).

  2. I was in King’s one Saturday night they had an act on on the top floor fire eating and he set fire to the polystyrene tiles. we were on the middle floor and didn’t know so when the fire brigade arrived we thought it was an act, they put it out and the performer was fine he had so much slap on he was fine

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