The Queen’s Shilling

9 Frogmore Street, BS1. 1992 – present.

Formerly a dingy ‘old men’s pub’ in a 1930s brick building on the corner of Frogmore Street and Culver Street. When it opened in the Summer of 1992 it had a small dance floor up some steps at the back of the pub, attracting a new crowd of gay teens and 20s (the Griffin and the Elephant were then the sum of Bristol’s gay pubs). The Queen Shilling, quickly nicknamed the QS, was well sited between the Griffin and the Oasis, then the main gay club, making it the obvious place to start the evening.

It went through several makeovers, the best remembered being a glossy metal-and-mirrors look c. 1998. It was later rebranded as the Queenshilling. It always played to a young crowd.

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  1. Been through quite a few remakes and a few managers over the years, but still going strong.
    Met some really good life long friends here.

    I did a lot of my DJing here first working for Kevin Martin in the 1990’s and then back after 20’s years working with the new owner Paul Stoodley.
    Had some amazing DJ’s to work along side – Gary Simms (R.I.P), Colin Scott, Nathan Thompson, Ricky J, DJ Ivanhoe to name a few.

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