Glad-to-be-gay-badgeWelcome to the website of OutStories Bristol. We collect and preserve the social history and recollections of LGBTQ+ people living in or associated with Bristol, England.  Use this website to tell us your story. Visit our Facebook page.

‘Mapping LGBT+ Bristol’ Android app discontinued

Sadly we have had to discontinue the Android version of the Mapping LGBT+ Bristol app for technical reasons. The iOS (iTunes) version is still available from the Apple App store and of course the you can view the map on this website.

My Queer Quarantine

OutSRainbow-coloured mask to cover mouth and nosetories Bristol want to hear how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected Bristol’s LGBT+ communities. My Queer Quarantine will collect and record your stories.

Contribute however you wish: video, audio, prose, poetry, art. We will post as much as possible on this website for the rest of the community to see. Get sending now!

Bookcover of paperback 'The Charioteer' with face of a soldier with helmet and framed photo of two smiling men.Mary Renault’s ‘The Charioteer’ and Bristol

Mary Renault’s ground breaking gay novel The Charioteer published in 1953 is set in a fictionalised Bristol (‘Bridstow’). Local historian Jonathan Rowe has written an excellent article about the author’s time in the city and some of the book’s thinly-disguised Bristol locations in Mary Renault’s ‘The Charioteer’ and Bristol.

Text 'Lost Spaces' in a blue rectangle overlaying an inverted pink triangleDid you go to Horseplay club nights?

k Anderson has published another entertaining interview on Lost Spaces in which he chats to Bernie Hodges, voice artist, actor, and co-host of the What, That Old Queen?! podcast.

Click here for links to podcasts.

Everything Is Music project

Magazine cover with head and shoulders image of KylieWere you in the Bristol music scene in the 1970s to 1990s?

Everything Is Music is an exciting project being developed by the team behind Bristol based Crack Magazine to create an interactive map telling the stories of Bristol’s musical cultural history. They are seeking people with memories of queer clubs and music venues. Read more….

Your group’s story wanted

An assortment of flyers and posters on a tableAre you involved with a local group?  Bristol Archives want your records to preserve the diverse story of the city and its people. Minutes, flyers, posters, photos, whatever. Find out more here.


Wonderful documentary ‘Talking LGBT+ Bristol’

Bristol’s listings and features magazine Bristol24/7 and Tusko Films have produced a wonderful documentary Talking LGBT+ Bristol. This Heritage Lottery funded video shares the rich heritage of LGBT+ life in Bristol over the last century, with contributors coming from all backgrounds and ages from across the city. It prominently features some OutStories people.

Watch it now!

Explore our map of Bristol’s LGBTQ+ past

'Mapping LGBT+ Bristol' logo superimposed on a old street map of central BristolYou can explore Bristol’s LGBTQ+ past online through our map that uses pictures, oral history recordings, archival documents and personal stories to bring our hidden histories to light. Go to the map now!

Or get an app for iPhones.  Search “Mapping LGBT+ Bristol” on the Apple App store (iTunes).

The map also appears on Bristol City Council’s website Know Your Place which brings together multiple layers of Bristol’s diverse history.

Finally …. a 5-minute slideshow about OutStories and some of our achievements.

Video for stall at Bristol Pride 2020 from Cheryl Morgan on Vimeo.

Read about Bristol ….. quirky, diverse, historic.

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*LGBTQ+ means lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer, including all gender, sexual, and romantic minorities.
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