Western Daily Press Clipping, 23rd November 1859 – The Sailor Girl

Scanned copy of the original newspaper article - black and white slightly eroded serif-font typewriter style text, no pictures.

A follow-up article was published the next day about this story, noting that arrangements had been made for Stewart to be sent back to Scotland. Stewart would miss the boat and be arrested again in the process, as can be seen in the entry at Cumberland Basin. The text of the article is as follows: BRISTOL POLICE COURT. — TUESDAY. — (Before J. COATES and R. PHIPPEN, Esqurs.) […] THE SAILOR GIRL. Mr Macartney, on behalf of the Caledonian Society, stated to the Bench that as soon as Ann Stewart was liberated from prison the society would take measures to send her home. — Mr Williams said she promised to go on a former occasion, but just on the even of her departure she refused to proceed. — The Bench thought she might now change her mind, and ordered her to be kept until the society made arrangements for sending her home.” Image reproduced with permission of Bristol Central Library