Western Daily Press Clipping, 22nd November 1859 – ‘The Sailor Boy Just Another Time’

Scanned copy of the original newspaper article - black and white slightly eroded serif-font typewriter style text, no pictures.

Transcript: “BRISTOL POLICE COURT. — MONDAY. — (Before J. COATES and R. G. BARROW, Esqrs.) […] THE SAILOR BOY JUST ANOTHER TIME. Ann Stewart, the girl who was on Saturday brought before the Bench for drunkenness and disorderly conduct, having been let out of prison that day, and who received a shilling to help her on the way to Liverpool, was now charged by P.C. 148 with having been disorderly in Gloucester Lane. The officer having deposed to the fact of finding her surrounded with a mob, she was asked what she had to offer in defence. Defendant — You see I had some coffee with an old fellow, but I don’t know what was in it, and he lost his watch. Mr Brice — And where is your jacket? you had one on Saturday last when you were here. (With the exception of the jacket she was still in sailor’s attire.) Defendant — Oh, I lost it somewhere, and you wouldn’t have seen me here, but for a fool of a fellow I met on the road, who said he would get me shipped if I would come back with him. Then, again I had some coffee. Mr Williams – Well you were disorderly on coffee; it’s no matter what it was on. Mr Coates — Whether it was coffee or beer you are equally punishable. Defendant – You may put me in the penitentiary, or in a reformatory, for I haven’t resolution enough to keep sober. Mr Coates — The best thing, I think, is to send her to a lunatic asylum. Defendant — I don’t care where you send me. Mr Williams — She behaved very well when she was in jail last. Defendant – Just send me to St. Peters, and they’ll send me to Glasgow. Mr Coates — You may depend upon it if you go on in this sort of way you will come to a sad end. Defendant — I know very well I am killing myself, soul and body, every day. Mr Williams — They won’t have you at St. Peter’s, for the last time you were there you kept the house in a state of excitement, walking up and down smoking a pipe. Mr Brice — If your head were shaved it might cool you a bit. Defendant — Yes, I had it trimmed a bit on Friday. The Bench, with a view of doing something for her, fined her 5s and costs for having been disorderly, and in default she was sent to prison for the present.” Image reproduced with permission of Bristol Central Library.