Western Daily Press Newspaper Clipping 2nd December 1859 – ‘The Sailor Girl Nuisance’

Scanned copy of the original newspaper article - black and white slightly eroded serif-font typewriter style text, no pictures.

Transcription: “BRISTOL POLICE COURT — THURSDAY — (Before J. COATES and O.C. LANE Esqrs.) […] Anne Stewart, the girl who has of late been such a nuisance to the police and in describing whose unwomanly conduct we have wasted too much ink and paper, was again brought up charged with having been drunk and disorderly at the Basin yesterday. P.C. 162 proved the offence, after which Mr Dunlop, on behalf of the Caledonian Society said they had paid her passage on board the Oscar to proceed to Glasgow, and money had been handed to the captain to give her upon her arrival. The vessel having now sailed he asked the magistrate to detain her until the departure of the next steamer, when she would be placed in confinement on board until her arrival in Glasgow. He also undertook to provide her with female attire. She made a rambling lying statement about having come on shore to take a share of a pint of burton, when the officer took her into custody. The Bench acceded to the request of Mr Dunlop, and she was ordered to be bound in a surety of £10 and to find two others of £5 each to keep the peace for a week.” Western Daily Press, 2nd December 1859, p.2 Image reproduced with permission of Bristol Central Library.