135 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, BS8. 1977-1982?

A women’s club open by 1977. It was the venue for an HTV documentary filmed on September 13, 1977, following a day in the life of a gay person. It was still in operation as a lesbian venue in 1982, though its name changed at about that time to Pierrot’s.

This was a cellar club. The door was opposite Clifton Down shopping Centre on Whiteladies Rd between shops with a dark green canopy over it. It was quite small – I can only recall one room with a bar and dance floor – but it was clean and bright.  I went there with Gaysoc in autumn/winter 1982, not long after I arrived in Bristol. (Jane)

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  1. The documentary was a GrapeVine production, no copies were made, well I was told there were not, but …. it followed the lives of two gay people, myself and Ray Lightbown (spelling). My partner didn’t want the exposure, so an ex Yvonne Gray filled in for her, my children were seen in the background.

  2. Thanks for the recollection Dale! Would love to track down a copy of the documentary!

    • They didn’t even give me or Ray a copy Kim – someone may have it somewhere who recorded it or something. But I doubt it ….

  3. Can you recall this club in 1981 when Mark & Richard ran it as the “Regency Club” named after the restaurant above it which was owned by jack & jean ?

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