Jan 062014

LGBT History Month 2014


 Keep checking this page as more events will be added as they are confirmed.

LGBT History Walk around Bath

A walk around the centre of Bath, pointing out the buildings and monuments which have LGBT associations, either as places where people socialised or as meeting places for the LGBT movement over the last forty years. The walk should last about an hour and a half and finish back by the War Memorial, with the option of warming up in a local tea-shop. Led by Robert Howes of Gay West. This is a free event but a donation to OutStories Bristol would be welcome. This is a short walk on the streets of central Bath on a wheel-chair accessible route.

Sunday, 9 February 2014 from 14:00 to 15:30pm.  Meet at the War Memorial in Queen’s Parade, Bath. Contact: Tel. 0800 321 3083; email: info@gaywest.org.uk


Author Jill Gardiner on the Gateways, legendary London Lesbian club

The Killing of Sister George premiered at the Bristol Old Vic 50 years ago this year. The play was made into a legendary film, part of which was filmed at the equally legendary Gateways club in London. Jill Gardiner, author of From the Closet to the Silver Screen, will be giving a talk about the club and the movie, and showing some clips from the film, too.

Saturday, 15 February 2.30pm-4pm, M-Shed, Prince’s Wharf, Wapping Road, Bristol BS1 4RN.

Free event: but donations to OutStories Bristol project gratefully received. Book on eventbrite.co.uk.

Mystery History Tour led by Andy Foyle

Bristol historian and author Andy Foyle leads an easy stroll (lasting around 1.5 hrs) through the city, lifting the curtain on our own peculiar and sometimes outrageous histories.

Saturday, 22 February, 1.30-3pm. Meet outside the Register Office (Old Council House), Corn Street; nearly opposite the Exchange and the Nails.

Free event: suggested donation of £3 to support OutStories Bristol. Book on eventbrite.co.uk.

Cheryl Morgan on gay superheroes

Anyone old enough to remember the Adam West Batman TV series will know that it would be hard to imagine anything more camp. And yet at the same time superhero comics were strictly controlled with regard to content for fear of corrupting the youth of America (and doubtless the rest of the world as well). A lot has changed since the 1960s, and occasionally the mass media gets all excited about a superhero coming out as gay. But do those men in tights still expect us to believe that their dress sense is purely utilitarian? And how about the rest of the LGBT spectrum? Do they get a look in?  Cheryl Morgan takes on a tour of a world in which we have been asked to believe that a man can fly, but not that he might fall in love with his teen sidekick.

Sunday, 23 February, 2.30-3.30pm
Free event: but donations to OutStories Bristol project gratefully received. Book on eventbrite.co.uk.

M-Shed, Prince’s Wharf, Wapping Road, Bristol BS1 4RN.

What’s the time, Mr Wolfenden? 

Knock on the door. Get the once-over from the bouncers.

Name three other gay clubs you know.

Step inside.

Take a trip back to the twilight world of the homosexual discotheque of the 1960s.

Music direct from London courtesy of yer actual Unskinny Bop deejays. And more treats in store, too.

For pansies and BD women, butches and femmes, fairies and flamers, nancy boys and kiki girls, omipalones and palone-omis, Mattachine Men and Daughters of Bilitis. Dress in your best 60s threads. Come as you were or how you’d like to have been. Mods and rockers, beatniks and hippies. All welcome. But keep it nice eh? We don’t want Lily Law dropping by.

Friday, 28 February, 9pm-late

Toto’s, Redcliffe St, Bristol, 125 Redcliffe Way, Bristol BS1 6HU

Limited spaces. Book via eventbrite.co.uk.

Find out more about all LGBT History Month events in the area on LGBT Bristol’s website.